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HRB bearing group (Harbin Bearing Group) is the industry leader of the three major production bases of the bearing industry in China, with total assets of 3.67 billion yuan, and more than 4600 sets of production equipment, producing about 80 million sets of bearings every year. HRB bearing group can produce nine types of HRB bearings and more than 6000 kinds of precision grade bearings of different specifications and varieties. HRB bearings are mainly used in automobile, agricultural machinery, locomotive, electric machinery, engineering machinery, machine tools, light industry and textile, metallurgy, mining machinery, petrochemical, aerospace, defense, and other industries and enterprises supporting services. After years of development, the Harbin axis has established a sound sales channel, sold to the domestic provinces, cities, and autonomous regions, but also exported to Europe and the United States, parts of Southeast Asia, and other countries and regions.

hrb bearing
hrb bearing

How about Harbin bearing?

China’s three major bearing plants (Havalo): are Harbin bearing HRB, Wafangdian bearing ZWZ bearing, and Luoyang bearing LYC bearing. Harbin shaft belongs to Big Brother, a veteran state-owned enterprise, the big brother in the bearing industry in the deep groove ball bearings and the precision machine tool bearing field belongs to the best. Also, Harbin Bearing Company has passed ISO9001-2000, GJB9001A-2001, TS16949-2009, AS9100, and ISO14000 standards of quality management system certification, establishing a sound scientific and standardized quality assurance system. HRB’s bearing has been “China’s famous brand”, “The most competitive brand” “Export inspection-free enterprise” and other honors.

Which is better, HRB bearing or NSK?

HRB bearings are the benchmark for domestic bearings, while NSK bearings in Japan are biased toward spindle precision bearings. If the precision requirements are not very high, and speed requirements are not very high, HRB Harbin bearing performance-to-price ratio will be much higher. With the improvement of the research strength of Harbin Bearing in recent years, the gap with Japan’s NSK bearing will become smaller and smaller.

Present Situation of HRB bearing factory.

In 2020, Harbin Axis started the work process of bankruptcy and reorganization. The Move-in of the working group has its meaning and responsibilities. On the one hand, it is for the purpose of doing well the reorganization work, being able to quickly resume production and effectively safeguard the interests of workers and staff members, HRB axis to have better development tomorrow; second, to do a “Touchstone”, Harbin axis group bankruptcy reorganization is an important decision of the municipal government of Harbin, HRB bearing has also been identified as Harbin to support the development of key enterprises. This is not only for the future development of the HRB axis but also for the advancement of Harbin-owned enterprises to play a role model.

The difference between the general and branch plants of HRB bearings.

The difference between of domestic basic main factory and the branch factory of HRB bearing is not very big, on price general also the difference of 5 points. Quality is produced in China, as long as it is not fake, basically, there is no problem. It is impossible for Harbin bearing general factory to produce all the models, so it is inevitable that some models will have to be manufactured by outsourced processing plants, but as long as they are put into Harbin bearing warehouse, the quality requirements will all be in accordance with the testing standards of Harbin Bearing, the finished product has no problem at all, the customer can be assured to use.

HRB bearing agent.

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HRB bearing authorized agent: Shandong IFBearing Co., Ltd.

WhatsApp: +86-15966666624

to give you the difference between authorized dealers at all levels.

The HRB axis agent is divided into several levels. Advanced preparation dealer, then the special dealer, the municipal-level general agent, and the provincial-level general agent. HRB agent requirements: you do HRB axis agent is impossible to get the beginning of the provincial generation, at most is the distribution, basically no task requirements. No matter how strong your sales, first cooperation is not possible to give you provincial generation and provincial cities are the distribution of provincial generation.

hrb bearing factory
hrb bearing factory

After more than 60 years of trials and hardships, the Harbin axis migrant workers, who now have the spirit of “Innovation, pragmatism and striving for first-class” enterprises, are breaking through the traditional thinking limits and promoting the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, to build a great enterprise with the idea of striving for perfection, the old state-owned enterprises’ unique advantages in “Stabilizing society and developing economy” have been highlighted even more in the fierce market competition, HRB axis people give full play to the advantages of senior brands, R & D Technology, quality testing, team elite advantage, build new contributions so that the HRB bearing brand shining.

WhatsApp: +86-15966666624

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